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Above the Clouds


My research focuses on how organizations strategically respond to negative social evaluations that arise from ethical misconduct, scandals, and crises. My starting point is that negative events such as a scandal or crisis can significantly disrupt and reshape how organizations are socially evaluated, affecting their attractiveness to both existing and future stakeholders. In particular, I investigate how different stakeholders may be influenced by negative events differently and how their social evaluations may evolve as organizations adopt different strategies. Theoretically, I draw upon several literatures including stigma and crisis management, stakeholder governance, and organizational wrongdoing. Empirically, I research market transition in China, the emergence of gene therapy in North America, and the diffusion of public health measures during the global pandemic. Methodologically, I employ both qualitative and quantitative methods such as topic modeling.

Gene Therapy

What if X-men superheroes existed in real life? With the development of gene editing and CRISPR, the first genetically edited babies were produced in 2018. While gene therapy is promised to be "the forever fix," it also brings the death of Gelsinger and continuing controversies over its legitimacy.


The COVID Pandemic

In the face of an abrupt pandemic, unprecedented countermeasures were design and tested. While in some places such measures were adopted swiftly and effectively, in others they were not followed and even stigmatized. An early product of this project is already published by Behavioral Science & Policy.

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