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Above the Clouds


Journal Publications

Wang, M., & Steele, C. Forthcoming. From foe to friend: Exploring state-led destigmatization. Administrative Science Quarterly.


Wang, M., & Tracey, P. 2024. Anti-stigma organizing: How social movement organizations leverage affordances to build solidarity. Academy of Management Review.

Wang, M., Raynard, M., & Greenwood, R. 2021. From grace to violence: Stigmatizing the medical profession in China. Academy of Management Journal, 64(6): 1842–1872.

Lounsbury, M., Steele, C., Wang, M., & Toubiana, M. 2021. New directions in the study of institutional logics: From tools to phenomena. Annual Review of Sociology, 47(1): 261–280.

Zhang, R., Wang, M., Toubiana, M., & Greenwood, R. 2021. Stigma beyond levels: Advancing research on stigmatization. Academy of Management Annals, 15(1): 188–222. (#2 most read paper in the journal in 2021).

Lounsbury, M., & Wang, M. 2020. Into the clearing: Back to the future of constitutive institutional analysis. Organization Theory, 1(1): 1–27.

Wang, M., Steele, C., & Greenwood, R. 2019. Mentalités and events: Historicizing institutional logics. Academy of Management Review, 44(2): 473-476.

Hannigan, T., Haans, R., Vakili, K., Tchalian, H., Glaser, V., Wang, M., Kaplan, S., & Jennings, P. 2019. Topic modeling in management research: Rendering new theory from textual data. Academy of Management Annals, 13(2): 586–632.  (#2 most read paper in the journal in 2019; top 1% highly cited paper in the SSCI field of Economics & Business).

Book Chapters & Other Publications

Wang, M., & Lounsbury, M. 2021. Cultural encounters: A practice-driven institutional approach to the study of organizational culture. In M. Lounsbury, D. Anderson, & P. Spee (Eds.), On practice and institution: New empirical directions. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 71: 165–198.

Höllerer, M., Schneiberg, M., Thornton, P., Zietsma, C., & Wang, M. 2020. Rediscovering the power of institutions: The macrofoundations of institutional analysis. In C. Steele, T. Hannigan, V. Glaser, M. Toubiana, & J. Gehman (Eds.), Macrofoundations: Exploring the institutionally situated nature of activity. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 68: 221–234.

Hannigan, T., Wang, M., Steele, C., Seidel, M.-D., Cervantes, E., & Jennings, P. 2020. A community-based sociocultural network approach to controlling COVID-19 contagion: Seven suggestions for improving policy. Behavioral Science & Policy, SI: 1–14.

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