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Databases for Chinese Management Research (under construction)

​Large-scale Survey Data

Chinese Private Enterprise Survey

  • It's the most comprehensive, longitudinal survey of privately-owned enterprises in China. Conducted biannually since 1993, the survey has been widely used by scholars to publish in top management journals.

Chinese General Social Survey

  • Initiated in 2003, this is the most comprehensive, longitudinal survey of Chinese families. If you're interested in multi-level studies (individual-family-community-region), this is a go-to database.

Chinese Social Survey

  • Sometimes it is confused with CGSS above, but they are two separate surveys. Initiated in 2005, this survey has a fixed module and a changeable module. The latter includes a variety of questions about social values and attitudes.

China Family Panel Studies

  • It's one of the few databases that provide true panels. This database has a really big number of variables and easily overwhelms a first-time user. It focuses on the economic and social welfare of Chinese citizens.

Proprietary Databases

CVSource vs. Zero2IPO

  • Both claim to be the go-to database for info regarding the venture capital and private equity industry. I once fiddled with the two databases and spotted many inconsistencies. Be cautious if you decide to study VC/PE in China.

China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR)

  • A very comprehensive database that covers a wide variety of data on all public firms in China. Comparable to Compustat. It can be accessed directly through SAS. If you spend enough time, you'll discover a lot of interesting variables.

Textual Analytical Databases

People's Daily Database

  • One of the best media to capture the shifts in public discourses in P. R. China since its establishment. I used it in one of my studies to track media portrayal of the medical profession over time. A treasure for historical research.


  • It's a comprehensive database that covers a wide variety of national and local newspapers as well as online media. It's comparable to Factiva, but focuses on Chinese contents. Yet, most of its contents trace back only to the late 1990s.

Specialty Databases

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